Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Formalization
This Privacy Policy, henceforth promulgated by CALISONE, alternatively denoted as CALISONE.COM (hereinafter referred to as the “Corporation,” “we,” “our,” or “us”), delineates the modalities and objectives pursuant to which we may collect, retain, process, and divulgate information from entities utilizing our services (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “user”) of our services (“Services”).
1. Accumulation of Information
The Corporation engages in the collection of personally identifiable information that you, the user, voluntarily submit to us upon your registration for the Services, demonstrating interest in acquiring knowledge about us or our merchandise and Services, participating in activities facilitated by the Services, or through direct communication with us.
Personally Identifiable Information Proffered by You
The nature of personally identifiable information accumulated by us is contingent upon the context of your interactions with us and the Services, the selections you enact, and the merchandise and features you utilize. Such personally identifiable information may encompass, but is not limited to, the ensuing particulars: - Nomenclature - Telephonic Numerals - Electronic Mail Addresses - Postal Dispatch Addresses - Invoicing Addresses
Sensitive Information
: The Corporation abstains from the processing of sensitive data.
Payment Data
: In the event of procurements, we may collect data deemed necessary for the facilitation of your payment, such as your payment instrument numerals and the security code adjoined to your payment instrument. All payment data is conserved by external entities, namely Paypal and Stripe. Their privacy notices are accessible via: and It is incumbent upon you to ensure that all personally identifiable information provided to us is accurate, comprehensive, and current, and to notify us posthaste regarding any modifications to such personally identifiable information.
Information Collected Automatically
We automatously amass specific information upon your visitation, utilization, or navigation of the Services. This information, while not explicitly unveiling your specific identity (e.g., your name or contact details), may include device and utilization information, such as your Internet Protocol address, browser and device characteristics, operating system, linguistic preferences, referring Uniform Resource Locators, device name, nation, locale, information pertaining to your manner and temporal engagement with our Services, and other technical information. This automatously collected information is requisite for the sustenance of the security and operation of our Services, as well as serving our internal analytics and reporting objectives. As is common amongst myriad businesses, we also aggregate information via cookies and analogous technologies. The spectrum of information collected comprises: - Log and Utilization Data: Service-related, diagnostic, utilization, and performance information that our servers automatously collect when you access or utilize our Services, which is recorded in log files. Depending on your interaction modality with us, this log data may encapsulate your Internet Protocol address, device information, browser type and settings, and details regarding your activity within the Services (e.g., date/time stamps related to your utilization, viewed pages and files, searches, and other actions such as features utilised), alongside device event information (e.g., system activity, error reports commonly termed “crash dumps,” and hardware configurations). - Device Data: Information pertaining to your computer, phone, tablet, or other devices utilized to access the Services. This device data, contingent upon the device deployed, may include details such as your Internet Protocol address (or proxy server), device and application identification numerals, location, browser type, hardware model, Internet service provider and/or mobile carrier, operating system, and system configuration information. - Location Data: We compile data such as information about your device’s location, which may be precise or imprecise. The extent of information collected depends upon the type and configurations of the device employed to access the Services. For instance, we may utilize Global Positioning System and other technologies to amass geolocation data that signals us your current location (based on your Internet Protocol address). You retain the option to forego allowing us to collect this information either by denying access to the information or by deactivating your Location setting on your device. However, should you opt out, you may be precluded from utilizing certain aspects of the Services.
2. Utilization and Processing of Collected Information
The Corporation processes your personally identifiable information for a plethora of reasons, contingent upon your interaction with our Services, including: - To facilitate the creation and authentication of accounts and otherwise administrate user accounts. Your information may be processed enabling the creation and login to your account, as well as maintaining your account's operational status. - To deliver and facilitate the delivery of services to the user. Your information may be processed to furnish the service you have solicited. - To respond to user inquiries/offer support to users. Your information may be processed to address your questions and resolve any potential issues you may encounter with the service solicited. - To transmit administrative information to you. Your information may be processed to dispatch details concerning our products and services, alterations to our terms, and policies, and other akin information. - To solicit feedback. Your information may be processed when necessary to request feedback and to communicate with you concerning your utilization of our Services. - To dispatch marketing and promotional communications. Your personally identifiable information may be processed for our marketing purposes, if this aligns with your marketing preferences. You possess the ability to opt out of our marketing emails at any moment. For further information, refer to “What Are Your Privacy Rights?” below. - To deliver targeted advertising to you. Your information may be processed to devise and display content and advertising custom-tailored to your interests, location, and more. - To evaluate and enhance our Services, products, marketing, and your experience. We may process your information when deemed necessary to identify usage trends, ascertain the efficacy of our promotional campaigns, and to refine our Services, products, marketing, and your experience. - To comply with our legal obligations. Your information may be processed to adhere to our legal obligations, respond to legal inquiries, and exercise, establish, or defend our legal rights.
3. Disclosure of Personal Data
A. Collaboration with Third Parties: We divest your personally identifiable information to third-party collaborators, inclusive of vendors, consultants, and service providers (collectively referred to as “External Parties”) when requisite for operational exigencies. Agreements have been formalized with these External Parties, integrating safeguards for the protection of the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information. These parties are instructed on the specific management of your data, ensuring nondisclosure to unrelated entities and adherence to our specified data retention duration. Such External Parties encompass: - Direct Marketing and Advertising Entities: - Bing Ads - Google AdSense - Financial Transaction Management: - Paypal and Stripe - Remarketing Solutions: - Google Ads Remarketing - Digital Interaction Analytics: - Google Analytics B. Specific Disclosure Scenarios: Your personal data may further be disseminated under the following predicaments: - Corporate Transactions: Inclusive of, but not limited to, negotiations, mergers, acquisitions, financial engagements, or asset sales that may necessitate the transference of personal data.
4. Employment of Cookies and Tracking Instruments
We employ cookies and analogous tracking contrivances (e.g., web beacons and pixels) for the accumulation and retention of user data.
5. Management of Third-Party Social Media Logins
Our platform accords registration and sign-in credentials via third-party social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter). Opting for this mode of authentication will engender our access to certain details from the respective social media entity. The granularity of information we procure may fluctuate based on the specific social media provider and the publicly available settings you’ve enacted therein. It is imperative to underscore that our utilization of such procured data is governed by the stipulations articulated within this privacy policy and not by any third-party terms. We advocate for a thorough review of third-party privacy disclosures to comprehensively comprehend the scope and nature of data shared.
6. Duration of Personal Data Retention
We shall retain your personally identifiable information solely for the duration necessitated by the objectives outlined in this privacy notice, unless a more protracted retention period is mandated or sanctioned by law (e.g., tax, accounting, or other legal requirements). No objective within this notice shall necessitate the retention of your personally identifiable information for periods surpassing the tenure of user association with us. In the eventuality of the absence of an ongoing legitimate business need to process your personally identifiable information, we shall either delete or anonymize said information, or, if this is not feasible (e.g., because your personally identifiable information has been conserved in backup archives), then we shall securely store your personally identifiable information and isolate it from any further processing until deletion is achievable. Personal data shall be harbored exclusively for intervals congruent with the intentions outlined herein or as necessitated by prevailing legal requisites, encompassing fiscal, accounting, or statutory mandates. The confines of this policy do not extend to the conservation of personal data beyond epochs of active user association. In instances devoid of a continuing legitimate business impetus for data access, we shall pursue the abrogation or anonymization of data. In scenarios where immediate deletion is unattainable, steps shall be undertaken to securely segregate personal data, precluding further processing until deletion becomes practicable. For queries or comments related to this privacy policy, please direct communication to the below-listed contact details: 210 Wall St Salisbury, NC 28146 US 1-866-885-1816
For individuals domiciled within the European Economic Area (EEA) or the United Kingdom (UK), who discern that the processing of their personal data might be in contravention of lawful benchmarks, possess the prerogative to lodge a grievance with their local custodian of data protection. The pertinent contact coordinates can be procured via: Inhabitants within the Swiss Confederation are directed to the following digital resource for details pertaining to data protection authority contact information: Revocation of Consent: Contingent upon the basis of your assent, which may be manifested as either explicit or inferred acquiescence in accordance to the jurisdiction's prevailing statutes, to our utilization of your personal data, you are endowed with the unalienable right to retract said consent at any juncture. The procedure for withdrawal of consent involves initiating contact with us through the contact modalities delineated within the segment captioned “HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US REGARDING THIS NOTICE?” subsequent to this passage. It is imperative to acknowledge, however, that the retraction of consent shall not impinge upon the legality of the processing executed antecedent to the withdrawal, nor shall it, where the statutes in force permit, bear upon the processing operations of your personal data underpinned by legitimate grounds for processing that do not hinge on consent. Exclusion from Marketing and Promotional Dispatches: At your discretion, you may extricate yourself from receiving marketing and promotional dispatches by acting upon the “unsubscribe” instruction found in the emails disseminated by us, or by reaching out to us utilizing the contact details proffered in the segment “HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US REGARDING THIS NOTICE?” infra. Subsequent to such action, your particulars will be expunged from the marketing distributions list. Nonetheless, it is permissible for us to maintain communication with you for non-promotional motives such as the conveyance of service-related notifications indispensable for the governance and utilization of your account, addressing service requisitions, or other non-marketing related communications.
Account Information
Should you express the desire at any point to scrutinize or amend the information contained within your account or to terminate the said account, you are empowered to access your account settings and carry out adjustments or deletion of your user account. Subsequent to the reception of your entreaty for account termination, we shall undertake to deactivate or erase your account and the associated data from our active repositories. However, a respite of certain data might occur within our files to forestall fraudulent activities, to diagnose and rectify malfunctions, to assist in any investigative endeavors, to enforce our legal stipulations and/or to comply with legal mandates.
Cookies and Analogous Mechanisms
The majority of web browsing software is preconfigured to accept cookies by default. Should you wish, you can typically reset your browser to eradicate cookies or to reject cookies. Opting to eliminate or refuse cookies may negatively impact the functionality or the provision of our Services.
A majority of web browsing platforms and various mobile operating systems and applications incorporate a Do-Not-Track (“DNT”) functionality or setting which you can activate to express your preference against having your online browsing activities observed and recorded. Given the absence of a uniform technological standard for recognizing and implementing DNT signals, our operations currently do not entertain DNT browser signals or any semblance of automated mechanisms that communicates your decision against being tracked online. In the event that a standard pertaining to online tracking is established which necessitates our adherence, we pledge to apprise you regarding the adoption of said standard within a newly revised edition of this privacy notice.
Enumerated herein are the classifications of data that our practices explicitly exclude from collection: a. Identifiers (inclusive of legal name, pseudonym, postal address, telephone number, online identifier, Internet Protocol address, electronic mail address, and specific account details) b. Protected Characteristics (relevant to state or federal statutory provisions, such as gender and date of birth) c. Transactional Data (encompassing specifics of transactions, records of acquisitions, financial information, and payment details) d. Biometric Information (comprising fingerprints and vocal patterns) e. Online Behavioural Data (covering internet browsing history, search histories, and metrics pertaining to interactions with our digital platforms, systems, and promotional activities) f. Geospatial Information (related to location tracking based on device) g. Sensory Data (encompassing data such as images, audio recordings, or call logs associated with our operational activities) h. Professional or Employment-Related Information (pertaining to employment history, job titles, and qualifications for prospective employment candidates) i. Educational Information (incorporating records of educational institutions and academic directories) j. Conclusions Drawn From Other Personal Data (inferences drawn from the aggregation of personal data to create profiles, for instance, preferences and characteristics) k. Sensitive Personal Data (information regarding personal or sensitive aspects of users)
Additional Modalities for Personal Information Collection
Beyond the aforestated methodologies, we accrue personal particulars through: a. Interactions via customer support channels. b. Participation in our surveys or competitions. c. Utilization of or inquiries about our services.
Disclosure of Information
a. We divulge specific details to service providers in accordance with a binding contractual agreement. b. The internal utilization of data encompasses technological research and demonstrations. c. There has been no sale or sharing of personal data for business intents within the previous annum. For further disclosure details, refer to: When and With Whom Do We Share Your Personal Information?
We reserve the right to perform updates to this privacy notice intermittently. The iteration bearing the latest modifications will be denoted by an amended “Revised” date, becoming effective immediately upon being made accessible. In the event of substantial alterations to this privacy notice, we may undertake to notify you either by prominently displaying a notice regarding such changes or by directly transferring a communication to you. We advocate for your regular review of this privacy notice to stay informed regarding our safeguarding of your information.
For enquiries pertinent to this notice: CALISONE 210 Wall St Salisbury, NC 28146 US 1-866-885-1816
Subject to the laws applicable within your country of residence, you are vested with the right to solicit access to personal information we have accumulated from you, to petition adjustments to that information, or to demand its deletion. To make a request to review, modify, or delete your personal information, kindly initiate contact via
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